At Big Data Law, we specialise in social media monitoring and take down notices. If someone has misused your information or set up a fake / impersonation accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google, or any other site, we are one of the few law firms that have the knowledge and connections to get them quickly removed.

We have acted successfully for high profile celebrity clients in such matters. If you are unable to identify the perpetrator, we can still proceed with obtaining a court order.


The importance of social media protection

Businesses are now investing thousands (sometimes millions) of pounds a year on their social media presence. If your social media content has been infringed or account stolen and then misused, the damage to professional and personal reputations can be catastrophic.

We understand the law surrounding social media in multiple jurisdictions. Our solicitors will work with you to quickly ascertain the damage and put together a containment strategy.

By working with specialist IT providers and cyber-security experts, we can provide the fast action required to protect your individual or corporate brand.


Providing protection for your business

In theory, anyone in your organisation who has access to your social media accounts can make comments or changes. It is therefore imperative that your business has a comprehensive social media policy that demonstrates you have undertaken a risk analysis and put in place policies and procedures to protect your clients, the wider public and your image.

We regularly assist HR teams draft social media policies and provide regular audits to ensure they are up-to-date with domestic and international regulations.

In addition, our team can advise you if someone has created a derogatory hashtag, trolling your social media accounts, or writing untrue reviews about your business on other websites. Such behaviour can lead to criminal prosecution, and you may also have a civil right to claim damages if the trolling has resulted in financial loss.

To find out more about how we can assist with social media infringement, abuse, and protection, please email our office in confidence at


Shuba provided excellent help in a very tough case, and acted above and beyond my expectations. With her friendliness, passion, and a wealth of knowledge, she made me feel comfortable in a trying time, and her professional services led to quick results in my case. I can highly recommend her services.

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Shubha Nath is director of Nath Solicitors, a boutique London law firm specialising in commercial contracts, company laws (formation/shareholder matters/M&A) and private and commercial dispute resolution.


When we state we partner with you to achieve results, it’s not just a slogan. Many of our solicitors have spent years working in the City, and we are passionate about business and helping our clients achieve their objectives.

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