Having control over our private and/or commercially sensitive information is something we take for granted. However, it is terrifyingly easy for criminal groups and lone hackers to obtain information and misuse it.

At Big Data Law, we are experts at advising clients whose data has been compromised. We work with specialist IT providers and security experts who will assist with quickly containing the problem and retrieving your confidential data. We can also assist with:

  • formal reporting and subsequent management of serious data breaches to the relevant authorities
  • media publication of private/sensitive stories
  • publication of private information contained in the Cloud or in an email
  • leak of medical or legal information
  • theft of trade secrets


What is private information?

“Private information” can be broken down into several points and defined in terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

  • Data: Any information that can be processed through an automatic system or recorded system is “data”
  • Personal data: This refers to any information or a set of information that can be associated with an individual.
  • Sensitive data: Materials including anything regarding the ethnic origin, sexual life, religious beliefs, health, or political opinions of an individual is classified as “sensitive data”

If a person or organisation publishes private information in the public domain, the courts may rule that it has been misused. A well-known example of this is the publishing of a photo of JK Rowling’s new-born son in 2004, which resulted in a landmark Court of Appeal ruling establishing that the law protects the children of celebrities from the publication of unauthorised photographs unless their parents have exposed them to publicity.

When instructing us, you can be assured of strict confidentiality. Our clients include those in the political and entertainment sphere, high-net-worth families and individuals and multi-national corporations.

To find out more about how our specialist privacy and IT security solicitors can assist you, please email us in confidence at info@bigdatalaw.co.uk.


Shuba provided excellent help in a very tough case, and acted above and beyond my expectations. With her friendliness, passion, and a wealth of knowledge, she made me feel comfortable in a trying time, and her professional services led to quick results in my case. I can highly recommend her services.

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When we state we partner with you to achieve results, it’s not just a slogan. Many of our solicitors have spent years working in the City, and we are passionate about business and helping our clients achieve their objectives.

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