The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which comes into force in 2018 represents the biggest change in data protection for over 20 years.

We provide comprehensive consultancy and guidance to UK and international entities, helping them prepare their organisation for the changes GDPR will bring.

The GDPR will replace all data protection law in every EU member state. The Government has directed that all business must comply with the new regulations, meaning that after Brexit, they are likely to be transposed into English law.

Penalties for breaching the GDPR are harsh. Businesses can face fines of €20 million or 4% of their revenue, whichever is greater.


Solutions to your GDPR challenges

Whatever your challenges related to preparing for and adapting to changes that will come with the GDPR, our consultants can advise you.

Your challengeOur solutionHow it works
You are unsure whether your data collection processes and procedures comply with the GDPR GDPR gap analysis We will do a mock audit on your systems and advise you on any arears that are not compliant with GDPR and assist you with correcting any gaps.
You do not have a clear understanding of whose data you hold and where it is kept GDPR data flow plan By creating a plan that can be quickly implemented, key stakeholders can quickly establish the extent of the data your organisation has collected. Managers can then put procedures in place to ensure all future data is stored in compliance with the GDPR.
How do we introduce new systems and/or processes in compliance with the GDPR? GDPR impact assessment We can evaluate any new systems or procedures, analyse potential risks and help you put a mitigation plan in place.

As a niche organisation, our staff have an in-depth understanding of the GDPR, and data protection and information security project expertise. We work closely with our clients, who can rely on our strict confidentiality policies.

To speak to one of our specialist advisors, please email us in confidence at


Shuba provided excellent help in a very tough case, and acted above and beyond my expectations. With her friendliness, passion, and a wealth of knowledge, she made me feel comfortable in a trying time, and her professional services led to quick results in my case. I can highly recommend her services.

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