Shubha Nath
All organisations – and that includes small companies and sole traders – that process personal data must pay an annual fee to the ICO. While there are some exceptions to this rule (discussed below), most organisations are required to pay the annual sum. Failure to do so will result in a fine. But perhaps more […]
Back in July the ICO issued its first formal notice under GDPR. It’s a sign that the commissioner means business when it comes to enforcing the new, stricter data protection regime. The ICO’s action in the case – AggregateIQ – is significant for two reasons: It relates to a company based outside the EU The […]
The government has recently given the ICO new powers to clampdown on nuisance calls, texts and emails. Potential fines of £500,000 could be imposed for making calls without appropriate consent.And this month the ICO has imposed a £60,000 fine on a relatively small direct marketing company for a breach of e communication regulations. It’s a […]
Ensuring your employees keep their desks tidy might not be a top priority for your business. But in the age of GDPR clean workspaces really do matter. By now you’ll be familiar with some of the ways you can comply with GDPR -updating authentication procedures for example, or gaining explicit consent from individuals whose data […]